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Now you can perform the perfect card prediction with a Portal To a Single Destination.

An envelope is placed down at the start. Then with no boring, drawn-out equivoque process, your spectator names a playing card and that card is the one in the envelope.

• No wallets

• No switches
• No extra envelopes
• No fishing

• No thin cards

• No more fumbling with indexes
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PTSD is a true worker’s dream and a perfect every-day-carry. At less than 1.5mm thick, it takes up virtually no pocket space. This is a self-contained miracle that resets instantly, allowing you to blow minds over and over again! 

All the gimmicks you need are included and the video instructions will teach you a fully motivated script with versions for live performances, video and virtual shows. 

It is simple to learn and easy to perform. 

With PTSD you’ll be OFF BY NONE!