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    Mark creates advanced tools for Magicians and Mentalists. Using the latest technology and more traditional methods, his products are designed with the worker in mind. These creations are dependable, rugged and easy to use, allowing you to concentrate on performing and building a connection with your audience. Reputation is important and that's why everything you purchase from Mark is backed up by his exemplary customer service and support.


    As an experienced Magic Consultant, Mark has been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the biggest international stars in the business, providing creative input for tricks and shows both on and off the TV. From inventing methods and developing existing ideas to brainstorming completely new effects, Mark is an innovative creator and problem solver. He will customise his products where required and help you and your team to push boundaries with your performances and television shows.


    Since Mark began working as a Professional Magician in 2004 he has performed magic and mentalism all over the world. His experience of performing close-up, in parlour and on-stage has proven invaluable in his work as a Magic Consultant and Creator. Everything in his working repertoire has been customised, re-imagined and tweaked to fit his working-style, providing a unique and memorable experience for his audiences.

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